This is Star playing Fur Elise, Beethoven.


This is Krist and Sydney Playing Kuhlau Sonatina in G Major.


This is Kristi playing Stephen Heller - Etude in C Major, Op. 46, No. 24


This is Hannah playing Chopin - Polonaise in g minor.


This is Molly playing "Heading Out to Sea by Melody Bober.


This is Maria playing the New World Symphony - theme.

This is Lily playing Rhythm Mania

This is Genevieve and Lily, sisters, playing the Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Jessica on drums


This is Christopher playing Burgmuller's Arabesque.

Tara on violin and Jessica on cello.


This is Christopher playing Marmalade Rag.

This is Morgan playing Twinkling Lights and Ode to Joy.  Morgan has been studying 4 months.

This is Tamra playing The Bare Necessities

This is Tamra playing Seventh Street Blues by Martha Mier.